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Leigh’s Story

RAISE Team Co-ordinator As Team co-ordinator for RAISE I’m responsible for promoting MYA’s mental health agenda across Merseyside, which includes training, campaigning, and face-to-face delivery to children, young people and their families. How it began Working with young people and seeing them thrive has been my passion ever since I was 14 and first volunteered on a disability sports programme….

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Louise’s Story

Reception and Facilities Supervisor I’m responsible for ensuring that the reception area provides a high-quality service at all times, from overseeing the physical space to managing and marketing our Facilities for Hire, and making sure all our receptionists present a welcoming face to MYA. How it began I first walked through MYA’s doors in 2001 after leaving school – it…

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Phil’s Story

Advanced Music Mentor My role is to give young people the time and space to become musicians, helping them grow through tuition, demonstration, and expression. I use music in a way that’s accessible and straightforward and have always believed it can be a vehicle for addressing and resolving many issues that young people face. How it began I’ve always known…

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Charles’ Story

Detached Youth Worker Being a detached youth worker means I travel to provide youth work to young people where they are, giving them access to opportunities for growth, development support, and guidance in their area. How it began My journey to MYA started with me receiving support through Talent Match as a young person. My mentor listened to me and…

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Tom’s Story

Detached Youth Worker As a detached youth worker, I engage with young people in their own community, building positive relationships and discouraging participation in antisocial behaviour. How it began I am a Nigerian and I moved into the United Kingdom in 2021 to pursue a master’s programme in Social Work. I originally obtained a Doctor of Optometry degree/licence in Nigeria…

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