Happy Youth Work Week 2023!

13 November 2023

Monday 6th November to Sunday 12th November 2023 was National Youth Work Week, this year’s theme focused on ‘Youth work in every place and space’. MYA’s Knowsley team took this opportunity to capture the views of our young people and explore the impact and importance of youth work.

Knowsley Youth Council (KYC) Ruby wrote:

“Happy Youth Work Week to the amazing people we get to call our youth workers. We can’t thank you all enough for everything you’ve done for us. Whether it being cheering us up on a down day, celebrating our achievements with us, or giving us opportunities to help us grow in so many different ways. Youth work is such an important aspect in so many of our lives and we all value it so much. Thank you for giving us a voice that is actively listened to and for making our community young people friendly in so many different ways. You always thank us for our talents so here is a little message from us thanking you for your talents you share with us everyday. So thanks for everything we are all forever grateful, have a boss week from all at KYC!”