Our Impact

We’re committed to creating positive and lasting change, and that means recognising the small steps as well as the big ones

This year we’ve made some small steps to big success

Our work is designed to help grow children and young peoples’ Skills, Aspiration, Motivation, Resilience and Belonging. We’re very proud of the impact we’ve made and continue to make. Impact that goes beyond the individual to the people in their lives and the community beyond.
Life-changing opportunities
From creative workshops to interventions, we create life-changing opportunities and transitions, celebrating and recognising the small outcomes as well as the big ones.
Whole person approach
We keep young people at the centre of everything we do, with a responsive whole person approach that allows individuals to reach their potential.
Equipped for life
We want to give young people the skills they need throughout their lives. All our projects are intended to instil pride, belief, hope, independence and resilience so young people can learn, adapt and thrive.
  • 4796

    different young people accessing projects

  • 133, 430

    direct contacts with young people

  • 95.7%

    increased their aspirations

  • 93.5%

    have improved motivation

  • 94.5%

    young people increased skills

  • 97.1%

    grew their sense of belonging


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