SPACE Production of “BULLY” Leaves Audiences Moved and Inspired

18 July 2023

Our SPACE project recently presented a captivating three-night production of the thought-provoking play, “BULLY” by Brian McCann.

The remarkable performance, brought to life by a group of young and immensely talented individuals, left the audience in awe, shedding tears and giving standing ovations. Written and directed by renowned playwright Brian McCann, the play’s powerful message resonated deeply with all who attended.

“BULLY” has had a significant impact on young people nationwide, as it has toured schools and theatre’s, spreading awareness about the consequences of bullying and the importance of taking action. Historically, the show has gained widespread attention from local and national media and received glowing reviews. The play’s relevance and compelling storyline have previously prompted CHILDLINE and the NSPCC to commission interactive versions for schools. Brian was also invited by CHILDLINE to bring the play and speak at several conferences tackling this ongoing issue.

The SPACE project was thrilled to perform this extraordinary production. The group of talented young performers worked tirelessly to bring the play to life, and their dedication shone through in every scene. The emotional intensity and authenticity they brought to their roles left a lasting impression on the audience.

Brian McCann, writer and director of “BULLY,” said:

“It has been an incredible journey working with these talented young individuals. Bully holds a special place in my heart as one of my most successful and much-loved pieces of theatre. Watching the incredible performances of these young people dealing with powerful themes,  I can confidently say that they did justice to the script. The audience’s emotional response and their standing ovations were deeply moving. I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished together.”

One of the young performers, Alfie, who played one of the main characters in the show, said:

“Working with Brian has been an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed every moment and felt a sense of pride knowing that we were spreading such an important message.”

This production served as a reminder of the power of theatre to address important issues and evoke strong emotions. It encouraged discussion and reflection among the audience members who left with a deeper understanding of the impact of bullying on individuals and communities.

Overwhelming Audience Feedback

Following the production of “Bully,” audiences shared their heartfelt feedback, highlighting the profound impact of the play and the exceptional performances that left them deeply touched.

Quotes from audience members:

This is the best performance I have ever been to and, being the parent of a child who has suffered from bullying, this really hit home. This was emotional and absolutely amazing. You should all be so proud of yourselves. 

JL, Parent

Brilliant, thought provoking. Seeing young people do this subject matter is amazing. I left in tears as did so many. Touching and heart breaking. Well done MYA SPACE. Fantastic.

KH, Audience Member

Wow! What a fantastic production of an emotive and thoughtful musical. The cast were exceptional.

HM, Teacher

Don’t miss the opportunity to be moved, inspired, and enlightened by the incredible performances at SPACE.

MYA’s SPACE project is committed to bringing more powerful performances like “BULLY” to our stage. To learn more the SPACE project and about upcoming productions, please email: and keep an eye our news page here: News

Together, let’s continue to use the power of art to make a difference in our communities.