Adam’s Story

28 March 2023

Adam’s support through MYA’s Talent Match Plus programme.

24-year-old Adam has mild cerebral palsy and learning difficulties, and his referral to Talent Match Plus by a DWP work coach was his first experience with a trusted and supportive adult.

At that time Adam struggled with low confidence, an unsupportive and sometimes toxic family unit, mental health issues and suicidal thoughts and feelings. As a result, he was very socially isolated, spending a lot of time in his room.

What did we do?

Regular mentor meetings were arranged in cafes to help reduce Adam’s social isolation and increase his confidence. He also received ad hoc emotional support and counselling from Talent Match Plus counsellors. Once this routine was established, Adam was offered the chance to take part in cooking sessions. After overcoming his anxiety about taking part, his confidence quickly flourished.

Adam went on to involve himself in a range of MYA groups. He joined the MYA Yay Participation group around mental health, where he has been able to share his experiences with decision makers, meet people with similar experiences and be further involved with MYA. He was also referred to Your Way and has been meeting with a disability mentor, which led to Adam being put forward as a Talent Match Ambassador.

He has represented Talent Match at all kinds of events with funders such as the DWP, ESF and the Big Lottery, taken part in workshops and consultations, and helped plan and run events such as Random Acts of Kindness challenges in St Helen’s and Sefton.

Where are they now?

Through 1-1 and group work activities, Adam was able to identify his strengths and passions and realised he wanted to help other people in the way that his work coach and mentors had helped him. He therefore decided his dream role would be to work within the DWP.

While he was careful to manage his expectations, Adam was delighted to be offered his dream role at the DWP in March 2020. He now helps other people apply for Universal Credit to cope in challenging, unprecedented times