Charles’ Story

28 March 2023

Detached Youth Worker

Being a detached youth worker means I travel to provide youth work to young people where they are, giving them access to opportunities for growth, development support, and guidance in their area.

How it began

My journey to MYA started with me receiving support through Talent Match as a young person. My mentor listened to me and allowed me to take the lead. They supported me through it, getting me involved in groups and activities to aid my development, until I felt ready to take that next step into education or work.

When I said I wanted to be a mentor myself, they helped to get me into a college, after which I moved onto being a trainee youth worker for another youth service called Vibe. After my contract ended with them I saw the detached youth work opportunity come up in MYA and I applied. I was hired almost immediately after the interview and began my work journey with MYA. All of my youth workers and mentors from Talent Match and MYA made sure to congratulate me when they could.

Why MYA?

I wanted to work for MYA as I found it so positive as a young person that I thought that maybe it would also be a good place to work. Another worker called Luise had always told me how much she loved working for MYA and how good it was. I also generally just wanted to give back in a way.

The best bit

Being able to give back and see other young people grow and achieve their potential is the best thing about the job for me.