Dillon’s Story

28 March 2023

Dillon’s support from MYA’s Talent Match Plus programme.

Where did they start?

Dillon used to be very quiet and lacking in confidence. Mental health challenges had led to a lack of direction and motivation, but he had a clear passion and talent for make-up, particularly drag make-up. While he enjoyed experimenting with fashion and make-up, it was not a common interest in Widnes and the attention he got turned into verbal abuse on many occasions. Despite his academic abilities, he also struggled at school due to bullying.

After meeting an MYA ambassador at Widnes DWP, Dillon was referred to the Talent Match programme and decided to give it a go.

What did we do?

Despite his interest in drag make up, Dillon was very reluctant to have people put make-up on him, due to what he called his ‘OCD’. Being colour blind, he was also nervous about putting make up on others, worrying he would not be able to distinguish facial colourings. Eventually he agreed to attend a make-up masterclass in St Helens chamber with a group of all female learners. While it was definitely a challenge, he stuck with it and came out feeling much more positive about his abilities.

Funding was requested for a 2-day Instagram make-up course with Global Makeup, which gave Dillon the confidence to complete their Level 2 make-up course. He is now starting an apprenticeship with Global Academy.

Where are they now?

Dillon has worked really hard to step out of his comfort zone and is an inspiration for other young people who think they cannot be unique and be themselves, or follow their dreams.

Dillon has since been included in a number of marketing shops on Global‘s website, and as well as drag make-up he now makes his own outfits. When was introduced to the LGBTQ+ group at YPAS he chose to wear his own make up in public for the first time.

Dillon recently met established Drag Queen Cheddar Gorgeous who is instrumental in the Channel 4 show Drag SOS, and since moving to Manchester he has been introduced to the youth employment programme Hidden Talent. Dillon is living his best life in the city, where he feels part of a cosmopolitan community that lets him truly be himself.

Dillon says…

“Before talent match life was boring, miserable, I had no hopes or direction. I was lacking motivation and had no idea or any career prospects. Talent Match gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try my ideas out. They gave me the time and space to develop myself. I felt that I could be myself with my mentor and this is key.”