Morgan’s Story

28 March 2023

Morgan’s time on MYA’s THiNK Health project.

Where did they start?

Morgan was referred from their learning mentor into MYA’s 1-2-1 intensive mentoring programmes. At the point of referral, it was highlighted that as well as an Autism diagnosis of ASC and visual impairment, Morgan also struggled with their identity and sexuality. They were also social isolated, with no opportunities to meet people and make friends outside of school.

What did we do?

During the 12-week referral period Morgan completed lots of sessions around self-esteem, self-confidence, identity, and sexuality. Morgan also attended the summer HAF programme, where they made friends and took part in activities in a safe space outside school. They also attended organised 1-2-1 group trips such as bowling.

Further support, advice and guidance was also provided around LGBTQ+ information. After a positive meeting between Morgan, their parent and the health team, Morgan was invited to join the Knowsley LGBTQ+ support group.

Where are they now?

Morgan has grown in confidence and is a regular attender of our 1-2-1 youth group, a run specifically for young people receiving intensive mentoring who struggle socially.  Morgan has made many positive relationships with other young people who attend the group, and both Morgan and their parent have given fantastic feedback on the process.

Family Feedback…

“Morgan loves attending the group each week and really looks forward to seeing their friends.”