Page’s Story

28 March 2023

Page’s time on MYA’s SPACE project.

Where did they start?

Page has been a member of SPACE for nearly ten years, taking part in a range of different sessions. During that time, they have tended to stay on the outside of each group, never quite participating as fully as they might. Even saying their name aloud was a challenge which they have been working on.

Over the last eighteen months it became clear that their confidence was starting to increase, both during sessions and socially within their peer groups. They were able to say their name, stopped asking for questions to be repeated, and stopped leaving sessions halfway through.

What did we do?

The step up to performing was massive for Page, and began with them nervously asking if they could have a solo. From a quiet start to singing in front of the group, Page has since stood centre stage and performed with confidence to hundreds of people at a time.

The impact on their personal confidence on and off stage has been incredible. Page now speaks in front of the group and takes part in improvisations. In summer 2022 they were nominated by their school to attend a musical theatre week in Birmingham. They participated fully throughout, and even achieved a Distinction for their work.

Where are they now?

Back at SPACE, Page’s confidence remains and they attend every session. Page has become one of the leading members of each of the groups they attend and is ready to comment or give opinions when required – and even when not required!

Page’s persistence and growth at SPACE are an inspiration to other young people, and the rewards of that journey are clear to everyone who knows them.