Olivia’s Story

20 January 2023

Olivia’s time on our Knowsley THiNK project.

Where did they start?

Seventeen-year-old Olivia lives independently. Rocky relationships with both family and peers meant she could become anxious, frustrated, and withdrawn, which in turn impacted her decision making and well-being.

After being referred to MYA by a Careers Connect adviser, a number of barriers to her personal development were identified – including an incident of CSE – and there were some questions over her ability to live independently.

What did we do?

After discussing her CSE, Olivia was given immediate support from the MASH team. She was also given access to a foodbank, guidance on Universal Credit, and help managing her finances from GetConnected for utilities and other services.

Referrals were made to Listening Ear services, positive relationship sessions, crisis support and internet safety sessions. She was given some meals, and guidance and kitchen supplies to help her start making simple recipes herself.

MYA also liaised with various other bodies such as her Careers Connect Case worker, CAHMS and her social care team. Working together, she had the help she need to move address, access GP services and start preparing for interviews. Contact was made with Olivia’s family to ensure a safe space with emotional support were available when she needed them.

Where are they now?

Olivia is now building a home for herself at a new address. Ending her negative relationship has improved her wellbeing, and the police have contacted her by letter about the CSE incident. She has sought medical guidance from her GP and closed an online business with support from local services.

Through ongoing support from her Careers Connect adviser, Olivia applied independently for a number of roles and is now employed. She interacts with peers socially and at work, and is on her way to becoming financially independent.