Tom’s Story

28 March 2023

Tom’s SPACE to thrive.

Where did they start?

When Tom first began attending SPACE sessions in 2019, he was interested in photography, videography, digital media and drama, but was quite shy and reserved. After attending weekly 1:1 sessions with a focus on film making, videography and editing, it was clear he had definitely found his niche.

What did we do?

After some initial mentoring on the editing software, he became proficient in basic editing and was able to put together clips for a promotional video he was making for SPACE.

In chatting about his skills and goals in the sessions, it was decided that he should take the lead on a number of projects, such as creating YouTube videos and promotional videos for SPACE. Tom thrived, and began applying himself to digital media outside of the SPACE sessions. He purchased a camera and editing software in order to continue developing his skills at home.

Tom met regularly with his mentor throughout 2021 and 2022, discussing his mental health and well-being and how he could use his creativity as a medium. He became a part of MYA’s weekly podcast, and confidently offered feedback and opinions.

Where are they now?

Tom has made himself a key member of our Drama, Musical Theatre, Film Club and contributes confidently to the group, adding a unique voice to the camaraderie.

Over time he has had to adapt to various changes in strategy and setup. He recently moved onto developing full promotional videos and filming materials needed for our Summer Schools and Anti-Social Behaviour projects, a clear sign of how much his confidence, planning skills, and independence have grown.

Tom is also a Young Advisor for Sefton CVS, helping to design the posters and offering help in the media sector using the skills developed during his sessions at SPACE.