Talent Match Youth Get Hands-On Police Experience!

28 November 2023

Young participants from Talent Match recently took part in a three-day work experience with Merseyside Police.

Their journey began at the Joint Control Centre (JCC), where they were able to observe it’s vast call handling floor and the calm professionalism of the staff during real time calls.

Their experience continued at Lea Green, a training base, where they got involved with ‘new recruit’ training. Analysing police intervention videos and discussing decision-making processes offered them a glimpse into the complexities of law enforcement. The group also took part in a HYRDA, scenario-based exercise which focussed on the most appropriate form of emergency response for each case.

Ruth Price, Employer Engagement Manager said:

“Experiencing the police work first-hand has been truly enlightening for our Talent Match participants. This opportunity not only widened their perspectives but also highlighted the significance of hands-on learning. It’s crucial for employers to open their doors to young people; work experiences like these build vital employability skills and bridge the gap for those furthest away from the labour market.”

About Talent Match:

Talent Match is a pioneering programme dedicated to supporting young individuals facing barriers to employment. By providing tailored interventions, fostering strategic partnerships, and empowering young people, Talent Match aims to create a pathway towards sustainable employment and transform lives.